Searching for curiosity

Truly great leaders and managers are experts in asking tough, critical questions and bringing teams together to create more questions in order to find solutions. Quality of judgment and decision making depend on asking the right type of question. These days, expertise is rapidly losing its value as knowledge becomes obsolete within a matter of months or a few years. Curiosity challenges expertise at very deep levels and brings to the surface knowledge gaps that are essential to finding areas of opportunities or problems to solve.

The technological, informational, and knowledge revolution that we are experiencing has made our landscape filled with all possible data and information – answers are readily available everywhere you go. Only a sharp and curious mind can detect the problems to solve or the opportunities to explore amid all the information. The only way to do that is by asking questions that nobody has asked before, or in a different way, so that they drive different results than those that have already been produced. There can’t be any complex problem solving without knowing the problems to solve. And creativity is therefore nothing more than an expression of our curiosity.

Answers have an expiration date, questions are timeless.

By now you have probably had your first experience of applying for college, a summer job, an internship or a scholarship and have become acquainted with the classical selection interview setup. Sitting in the hot chair, answering a number of questions from a panel of slightly terrifying judges deciding on your destiny, all the while trying to strike a good balance between being authentic and fitting your honest answers to what you consider to be – the right answers.


Aiming to recruit the brightest, bravest, and most curious graduate trainees in the Adriatic region we have decided to introduce a plot twist to this classical selection interview thriller story by switching the focus from memorising the ‘right’ answer to – uncovering the right question. We will give graduate applicants the opportunity to participate in the selection process with one of the key and final tasks being the task of asking one question where you would like to receive an answer from an Atlantic Grupa employee working at any of the existing levels of our organization –from the production lines and field sales force to the Board, from HR to R&D – the choice is yours! By getting the most curious graduates on board we hope to increase the number of employees willing to ask questions about why the company does what it does in the way it does it, while unveiling its opportunities for growth.

How to ace “THE RIGHT QUESTION” challenge:

    Step back, be open and curious
    Articulate your desire to know more
    Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo
    Strive to ask the question, to challenge yourself and others, to go deeper and stretch further

The greatest innovators of all time started with a question, innovated, and continued improving with more questions. The right question is what unveils what needs to be done.

Our Aeternal inspiration

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Albert Einstein