A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor

Over the course of 12 months you will work across our business and receive extensive insight into the company, our culture, and values. Through extensive onboarding process you will be introduced to all AG businesses and functions. From the moment you are hired as a full-fledged colleague, an individual development plan will be tailored to suit your unique talents and ambitions. Accordingly, the individual programme modules will be selected in order to match your specific qualifications as well as the requirements of your target department.

During your traineeship you will work independently on the project in the business area you are placed in. To guide you in your professional explorations, you will have a mentor from management as well as the trainee support team by your side throughout the entire 12-month journey. The mentor is usually a senior member of staff from the same function as you.

Skills for business waters

Traineeship implies acquiring business scope vital for your future development. Depending on your chosen career, you will have the opportunity to spend time in pertinent business areas where you will have direct contact with our products and customers. During this journey you’ll meet people who will make you see things from a different perspective, broadening your horizons. The programme is encompassed with seminars, workshops, training, and various working groups as well as networking events with top management, making you a skilled sailor for Atlantic’s business waters.